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Zafu shells are made from brown fabric
Other colors are available if you supply the fabric


Zafu shell and bag of kapok - $48

Congratulation for choosing to stuff your own zafu!                                                                                

You will appreciate doing zazen even more and can stuff cushion to your own needs making it very firm or softer. Your own effort and attention while stuffing will help your zazen practice.

Zafu shell has an opening under the handle in form of short tunnel. Here you will be sliding handfuls of kapok inside. Kapok is pressed into firm layers when delivered and you have to pull apart each handful picking up and discarding small sticks and sharp objects you can fell, before you insert into shell. When you pull kapok apart it will expand and becomes soft like cotton.

From time to time it helps to put your fist inside of shell and press kapok to the bottom to create more space for adding more kapok. Toward the end this will be more challenging. Be careful and do not try to make opening larger than it is, because you can break cushion. To make cushion very firm all kapok will have to go inside.

When all kapok is inside press zafu with hands, while rolling it around, to spread kapok evenly and shape cushion into bowl. Then clean or vacuum it.

Kapok flies lot and sticks to clothes. It is helpful to stuff cushion outside or in the basement.