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Full Length Underrobes$125
Our underrobes are made from the same design and fit as outer robes, with the exception that there are two pleats on the skirt. While not an essential item, underrobes are used for comfort, added warmth, and modesty. In general, robes look and feel much better when they are worn with an underrobe. Underrobes are made from unbleached muslin for summer, or cozy flannel for cold weather.

Underrobes Tops—Jiban$70
Underrobe tops are custom made from white or unbleached 100% cotton muslin with double layered fabric in the collar and shoulder area.

Sitting Pants
Designed to be worn under a koromo or robe, these pants are very wide in the hip area, and have extra patch in the crotch for comfort when sitting in cross-legged positions. The men’s pants have a fly. They are made from 100% cotton in your choice of the following:

          Unbleached muslin

          White muslin