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Determining the Length of Your Rakusu
The best way to determine the length of your rakusu is to try one on with the robe you wear for zazen. Fold the front part of the rakusu in half, and stretch the straps so that the vertical edge of the front part and the straps form line. The back neckpiece will be folded in half. Now measure from the bottom edge of the rakusu to the center of neck piece. That is the measurement needed; remember to indicate this on Order Form #2.

Rinzai Style Rakusu

          Made from black fabric

          Size of front panel plus border is 13" x 10"

          Length of the rakusu determined by length of straps

With black trigger: $190.00

Please Note: If you want to provide your own fabric a 55" x 22" rectangle is needed. Be sure to indicate the length you want on Order Form #2.

Rakusu Covers

We make two styles of covers for rakusus:

The Envelope Style, mostly used in the Soto tradition, is made from black trigger lined with different colors of lining material—$45.00

The Pouch Bag is a simple rectangle-shaped bag, open on one side. It is made from black twill and lined with silk—$35.00